lets unite #fibromyalgia

This blog was created to help get Fibromyaliga noticed. It is not classed as a disability in the UK.

I am just wondering if anyone would show support or pass information on. As I am meeting Toby Perkins on Friday 17th Febuary 2017 to discuss getting fibromyalgia into parliament so that we can get it classed as a disability. Please feel free to contact me. As a suffer myself I feel that it is about time the government listened to us and followed suit like other countries e.g: Austrailia, America and various others.

Suffers with fibromyalgia struggle with the condition on a daily basis, they often do not recive the medical help or support that coukd be provided. America take the lead with Fibromyalgia reasearch and treatment but the UK are not following suit.


As a fellow fibro sufferer I believe it is time that we all join togeather and fight to get the debillitating condition recognised in parliment as a disability at last.

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